Stay Safe & Healthy

Stay Safe & Healthy

Stay Safe & HealthyStay Safe & HealthyStay Safe & Healthy

With the changes that have occurred across the country, I hope everyone is doing well. Wishing you Peace, Katie

Original Block Printed Artwork by Katie Dean

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in learning about my process and how I approach art making. Aside from my mission to create colorful images and products to make people happy, I love sharing what I've learned along my journey. 

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Studio Practice Snap Shot

My friend Donovan recently helped me put together a video to share a bit of my studio practice. Hope you enjoy it!

My Story


About My Work

My art practice includes hand carved linoleum blocks, printed on a C&P Letterpress in Tacoma, WA. I use natural themes in my artwork and love combining elements as a way to tell stories and share ideas. Studying color and lighting, plus learning and experimenting with art and design are ways I keep my work fresh and interesting.

I also have a line of digitally printed greeting cards, I sell under the name Little Green. Many of my designs are based off of original block prints. In addition, I enjoy adding imagery that may be different in design from my original artwork, but it gives my creative practice freedom and flexibility.



I actively draw in my sketch book to keep building fresh ideas for new pieces. Once I have my final drawing for a new work, I transfer this sketch to a lino block and begin carving. Each color requires a separate block and they are layer one over the other to create the final image.  



I have a passion for expressing life and the common journey we all travel, be it bumpy or smooth. Living is beautiful and challenging. I try and utilize these stories for expression and I get a thrill in seeing others do the same. Expressing and sharing ideas enhances joy!