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I love to create! I have a passion for expressing life...any way to share the common journey we all travel together, be it bumpy or smooth. Living is beautiful and challenging. I want to squeeze out every moment and untilize it for expression. I get a thrill in seeing others do the same, and believe expressing and sharing ideas enhances joy.

My current mediums are linoleum carving, silk screening, and letterpress printing. I also have a line of digitally printed greeting cards I sell under the name Little Green. I enjoy studying color and lighting. I do a lot of drawing in my sketch book.

Some of my inspirations are nature, family and community. I love nature and am thankful for it's ability to energize the creative spirit. My journey as a parent has given me a new perspective on the "squeezing" I mentioned above. Sharing and hearing stories from the folks in my life give me a continuous stream of ideas to work from.

I hope my work gives you joy! If you'd like to get first hand updates on upcoming projects and events, you can join my e-mailing list.

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